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Friday, February 26, 2010

Soup Recipe Exchange

Here in NYC, we were greeted with yet another blizzard. As the snow continues to fall and schools are closed, the only thing I could think of eating is a nice warm bowl of soup. Luckily, I still have some miso soup to get me through the day, but if those ingredients aren't handy, you can always refer to your cupboard and gather some leftover items to create a new soup. Another option is to test out some selections from this weeks soup recipe exchange-ranging from  coconut chicken curry soup, tortilla soup, and even a seafood soup that will surely warm you up and have you stocked up for the weekend.
  1. Tortilla Soup with Pinto Beans- Crafted by Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, this meatless/dairy-free soup is a variation of a recipe from Eating Well magazine that FFVK changed around a bit. She used pinto beans instead of tofu, Mexican oregano instead of epizot, and doubled up the amount of beans in the dish. I also love how the soup includes kale, spinach, or chard and avocado for some added nutritional benefits.
  2. Seafood Soup Amalfi-Style- Here at Seriously Soupy I haven't covered a fish soup...at least not as of yet. You see I'm a bit scared about attempting a soup of this nature, due to the vast amount of ingredients that are used and the intricacies of its preparation (at least that is what I always thought). However, after reading the seafood post on Leite's Culinaria I have very little to worry about, except following directions. Posted by Renee Schettler Rossi (of LC) the recipe includes how to make the actual fish broth (most important part) and its subsequent ingredients (fennel, leeks, canned tomatoes, fish bones, assorted fish fillets, white wine, etc). RR also notes that this type of soup can be "varied and used with any kind of shellfish such as mussels and clams."
  3. Short Ribs Soup with Vegetables-Another ingredient that Seriously Soupy hasn't tried yet (meat) and its usage is in a short rib soup with veggies. Crafted by In My Kitchen, this soup was created from leftovers that began by removing the bones, adding fresh veggies from her garden, and tamarind soup mix to create an instant, and very filling meal-type of a soup.
  4. Coconut Chicken Curry Soup -A guest post by Katie Goodman (goodLife {eats}) on This Week for Dinner, this chicken curry soup recipe features a unique combination of flavors (coconut milk, lime, jalapeño, and curry powder) and basic ingredients (chicken and jasmine rice) to create a healthy soup that is definitely a soup right up by alley. I am also really excited to test this one out as a variation on the same-old chicken dinner that the Seriously Soupy family knows too well.
  5. Cream of Fennel Soup- Chef In You nailed it right on the head "Soups are easy to cook." Of course, there are some that require more intricate preparation or hard-to-locate ingredients, but in general this is true. One such simply soup, is her cream of fennel soup. Using a bulb of fennel (another ingredient I haven't tried...yet), curry spices, heavy cream, onion, and some butter-the veggies are pan cooked and then pureed to create-you guested it: a quick and easy soup.
  6. Potatge (Winter Vegetable Soup)- An appropriate title, this soupy created by Simple Steps.org utilizes apples and various veggies (leeks, potatoes, carrots, turnips, artichokes, and onions), along with a chunk of cheese. That sounds amazing to me, but SS takes this one step further by boosting its flavors with thyme, bay leaves, pepper, garlic, and salt. The recipe even includes what tools to use such as the proper knife and wine and dessert pairing to complete the meal.
What soups have you tried or created this week?

Stay Warm
Seriously Soupy Serena

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  1. Yesterday, I made cauliflower soup (no cream) with mushrooms, celery, and aspargus. Sauteed a yellow onion in a pot added a few cups of veg stock and garlic. cubed half a head of cauliflower and threw it into the pot, seasoned, and covered on low for 20-30 mins. while cooking, i cut into pieces and threw into another pot with stock, mushrooms, celery, and asparagus for 15 mins. when the cauliflower was soft, I took that pot and threw it all into a blender and pureed it. then poured into bowls and added strained vegtables. I'm no cook, but it came out awesome!