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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tofu Miso Soup with Thin Noodles

Miso Soup with Thin Noodles-brimming with chunks of goodness

Originally, I wanted to call this soup "miso soup with a whole lotta stuff," since that certainly fit the description, but something about that name did not quite gel with me, and really lotta is not even a word. I decided to title it Miso Soup with Thin Noodles, but even though the name is shorter (and perhaps just a little obvious), it can't deny "the stuff" that's in there. Packed with tofu, shitaki mushrooms, carrots, spinach, and some subtle flavors (red pepper flakes, ginger, chives, and onions) to create a hearty, yet healthy Asian-inspired soupy. For the miso itself, I used a recipe from La Fuji Mama that I mentioned in last weeks soup recipe exchange and from there just started adding the "whole lotta stuff," which is quite the beautiful thing about creating a miso soup. If you wish, it can be left alone or joined by the company of many ingredients. Enjoy this verison or use it as a base to create one all your own!

Ingredients for Miso Soup adapted from the Tofu & Wakame Miso Soup recipe by La Fuji Mama
  • Seriously Soupy's note: For my miso I didn't add the tofu, until the rest of the soup ingredients were added, and I couldn't locate the enoki mushrooms, so that was not used.
Makes 3 -4 servings
3 1/2 cups dashi
1 tablespoon dried wakame, soaked in water for 5 minutes then drained
1 package enoki mushrooms (about 3 ounces), trimmed (optional)
3 tablespoons miso (I use 2 tablespoons shiro miso and 1 tablespoon aka miso)
5 – 7 ounces firm tofu, cut into 3/8-inch cubes
1. Bring the dashi to a boil in a saucepan.  Add the wakame and mushrooms (if you are using them), and simmer for 1 minute.
2. Add the miso (using one of the methods detailed above) to the dashi, and then the tofu*, and reheat slightly (but do not boil).  Serve immediately.
* You can also divide the tofu between 3 or 4 bowls and then ladle the soup over the tofu when it is finished.

Ingredients for the Soup:
2 cups of water
bunch of fresh spinach
1/2 of a block of firm tofu
6-8 shitaki mushrooms, cut up lengthwise
2 chives, cut into small squares
1 yellow onion, chopped up
1/2 of a package of Thai Kitchen Thin Rice Noodles
1 ginger
1 parsnip, cut up
5-6 baby carrots, cut up
1 zucchini, cut up
pinch of red pepper flakes-taste as you go to adjust flavors
pinch of ginger powder-taste as you go to adjust flavors

After the miso has been prepared, start adding the "stuff" to the soup pot. It can be your preference, but I opted to start with the onions and chives and then added the zucchini, parsnip, carrots, mushrooms and ginger. Cover the pot and let cook on a low flame for 20-30 minutes, tasting as you go. Add the tofu and pasta, allowing the pasta to cook for 8-10 minutes. Taste the soup, adding red pepper and turn off flame when ready. Place spinach on the bottom of your soup bowl. You can also place the spinach directly in the pot, but since it wilts so quickly I usually do it this way.

What do you usually add to your Miso Soup?

Seriously Soupy Serena

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