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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soup Recipe Exchange

Whoa, baby it is cold out there! We all go into hibernation mode a bit during these rough months, but that doesn't mean we have to pass the months inside eating the same old soups. Mix things up a bit with these unique recipes to stay warm this winter:
  • Miso Soup with Butternut Squash, Poached Eggs and Spinach-As part of a challenge to create her own miso soup, La Fuji Mama and several other bloggers made their own takes on this Japanese staple. La Fuji Mama variation was created by using what she had on-hand such as with butternut squash, along with eggs from Eggland's best as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, and baby spinach. The recipe also includes a link to make dashi or a basic homemade Japanese sea salt stock that is fish-based, but according to La Fuji Mama"doesn't taste fishy" and only takes 20 minutes to prep!
  • Oxtail Farro Soup-I never meet an oxtail that I didn't like. Ok, that's a lie. I never tried oxtail, nor do I actually know what it tastes like, but after reading this recipe on Just Making Noise I am now inclined to give it a try. She used oxtail, farro, red wine, along with various spices to create this unique slow-cooked soup (takes about 24 hours to prep before it is ready), but this is part of the process and one that her daughters loved and slurped right up!
  • Trendy Bean Soup- The title alone caught me, but then reading the recipe from Kitchen Therapy this trendy bean soup covers 10, count them, 10 food trends!- all of which focus on healthy living and eating. Using beans in her garden, the post focuses on a "how to cook" beans section and a general idea of what to include in a bean-based soup. I really enjoyed reading this tutorial post as it reiterated the idea that you can adjust soup recipes or tweak concepts as you go. Great concept for newbie and novice soup lovers to try something new, or maybe just a little different.

P.S. Do you have a soup that you would like to be linked on Seriously Soupy? Please e-mail me your soup recipe or link to seriouslysoupy@gmail.com for consideration.

Seriously Soupy Serena

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  1. Hi Serena,
    Thanks for including our bean soup. And we are fans of oxtail soup too. You get an oxtail when you order a side of beef, or at least someone does. We cook it in a pressure cooker so it doesn't take all day. It makes rich beefy broth, great with veggies, barley, or oat groats for the gluten free.