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Friday, September 10, 2010

Vegetable Wonton Soup Recipe

Vegetable Wonton Soup Recipe - Seriously Soupy
Vegetable Wonton Soup Recipe - Seriously Soupy
Everything about trying this recipe was out of my comfort zone.  I have had this type of soup 100s of times but I never thought to make it myself, most likely, because I figured the wonton itself would be too challenging. But since this blog is about soups, I really want to try everything and decided to delve head first into attempting my first wonton soup.

I researched some wonton recipes -- and really loved Rasa Malaysia and The Voice of Joyce, but I decided to modify them a bit and make a vegetable wonton soup. I visited an Asian market in Sunset Park (Hong Kong Supermarket) and I stocked up on sesame oil, chili oil, wonton wrappers (Shanghai and Hong Kong style) and various vegetables (mushrooms, bok choy and bamboo shoots). The soup part was a cinch and it actually took a lot less time than I thought it would to prepare (a majority of which involved chopping the veggies). My wonton's, though, proved a little difficult when shaping them and finding the right balance of ingredients to use so that they didn't break apart in the water. Through some fumbling, I created a scrunched-looking wonton - maybe not the prettiest doughy-treat but one that proved pretty resilient since none of them broke apart! I look forward to trying this once again; as I continuously attempt to perfect my wonton-making skills. 

Shanghai-style wonton wrappers
Hong Kong-style wonton wrappers
Adding veggies to the wonton wrapper
Closing it up
And scrunch together with water and sesame oil
Imperfect, but delicious
Vegetable Wonton Soup Recipe 
4 cups of water
Bunch of Napa cabbage, chopped up
1 tablespoon of garlic, minced
1 bok choy, chopped up
Bunch of fresh spinach
1 can of mushrooms, chopped up
1 whole carrot, chopped up
1 stalk of chives, chopped up
1 stalk of scallions, chopped up
15 wonton wrappers (I used both Shanghai and Hong Kong-style wrappers)
2-3 teaspoons sesame oil
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
2 teaspoons chili oil Salt to taste

Other Ingredients for Your Wonton's:

Vegetable wonton soup with spinach

Add water to a pot and start boiling. Chop up the garlic, scallions, cabbage and bok choy and add them to the pot, along with some flavorings (soy sauce, sesame oil and chili oil). Chop up the bok choy, cabbage, mushrooms and carrots very fine (this is for your wonton's). Open your wonton's and coat the rim with sesame oil and water add the filings in the center and flap the wonton forward, then scrunch up the sides and close -- be careful not to overfill. Place them in the boiling pot, along with the spinach and extra mushrooms and carrots. Wonton's should be finished cooking when they rise. Taste and enjoy!

How do you make your wonton soup?

Seriously Soupy Serena

Vegetable Wonton Soup Recipe


  1. There's good stuff in these wontons. I've been wanting to try my hand at making my own, but just haven't researched it enought to feel comfortable. Thank you for sharing and how you sealed them.

  2. I love that you tried a wonton soup. I made one with little dumplings this week--very fun and I want to try more. ;-) Thanks for sending this to Souper Sundays!

  3. Hey!

    I'm glad you put a spin on this recipe. Great work and I'm glad it was delicious!