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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project Food Blog: First Challenge - Soup is the Word

You may have noticed flashy widgets on the right side of this blog featuring the likes of Kelly Ripa or a Buick Lacrosse ad or pictures of food. These ads are generated by my food blogging community Food Buzz (much like facebook for foodies). Through this community I have been able to share my recipe with bloggers from all around the world, scope out food eye candy and participate in taste testing programs. Food Buzz is currently running an interactive food competition called Project Food Blog where over 2,000 featured publishers (bloggers) will compete in a virtual culinary cooking contest -- think an online version of "Top Chef." The competition will be judged other featured publishers, Dana Cowin, editor-in-chief of Food and Wine magazine, Nancy Silverton founder La Brea Bakery, co-owner Mozza and Pim Techamuanvivit author of ChezPim.com and "The Foodie Handbook." These challenges will take place over the course of 12 weeks until one foodie is left standing. The prize? A hefty 10,000 and a chance to be featured on a Food Buzz for a year (that's a whole lotta soup). For the first challenge in Project Food Blog, we have to tell the world: what defines you as a food blogger and why should you be the next food blog star? Ok, here I go...
I have always loved food, but I always associated cooking as something reserved for chef's -- people with a far more sophisticated palate then my own or those that could whip up creme fraiche or a souffle at the drop if a dime. I was somewhere in the middle. I loved to eat and I tried to bake every now and again -- but it was never something I thought I would pursue professionally. Throughout the years, though, one tried and true food that I never felt self-conscious about making was soup. I didn't care if I didn't use fancy ingredients or intricate techniques; I felt like I could do what I want with soups and create something all my own without judging myself.

Here I am -- Pouring Soup
The Start
When I started Seriously Soupy in 2009, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew I loved soup and was a frustrated freelance writer, so I decided to combine the two. I decided to create a website where I would give myself an assignment of sorts: create a new soup every week and write about it. More than just an assignment, I genuinely wanted to learn more about soup and create different recipes. I started out making soups with store-bought stock, bouillon and frozen veggies. Over the course of the year, my soup making skills changed. I made all of these new soups like chilled soups, a vegetable wonton soup, and even a hummus soup. I also entered my roasted eggplant and white bean soup in the First Annual Souperama in NYC. It has been quite an exciting year and this just the beginning.

Awkward first blog photos - Butternut Squash Soup
Now, I don't really care if a soup seems out of my realm, I'm invigorated and excited to try to make it. This new found zest for soups doesn't only apply to recipes, but I'm excited to write about soup-related articles or check out other bloggers that make soup and on and on. I'm also (oddly) excited to learn about aspects of my website I never thought I would -- like the strange world of html and web design. I want my brand to get out there; this is more of a passing hobby -- but something I am interested in doing for the long haul.

First-time making Vegetable Soup Stock
It's all new: Indian-Inspired Mulligatawny Soup
Community Defines Me
Soup makes people happy. Anytime I tell people that I have a soup site people smile as they tell me about their favorite soup or their Grandmother's recipe or a recipe that they wish they could make. This shared experience is what I want Seriously Soupy to be about -- a place where people can come from around the world can share and exchange recipes. I believe this sense of community and my interest in learning is what defines me as a food blogger; that and the fact that I finally have the courage to do what I have always wanted to do: create recipes, take pictures and write.

One Cantaloupe, Three Soups - A Green-Tea Melon Soup
Uncharted territory - Making Vegetable Wonton Soup 
A Soup Star is Born
I certainly didn't start Soupy to become a star. I simply wanted to make new soup recipes. However, throughout the course of this year I've discovered a new side of myself that is genuinely excited to learn more about soups and test out new ingredients. It's all about trying new things. I never thought I was a foodie or a cook but I realize that I was restricted by my own limitations. Now that I am doing what I want on my own terms I feel like I won the best prize of all; does that make me a star? It sure feels like it.

Don't forget to vote for Soupy. Let's make 2010 the year of soup!


  1. Here's why I think you will do well in this competition. "Community defines me". That's what blogging is all about. Thanks for the link! I enjoyed every bite (err I mean word). Good Luck. GREG

  2. Soup is that one food that no one can deny as being heartwarming and comforting, so it is a marvelous choice for a blog. I know I'm enjoying your blog and I enjoyed this entry. Good luck with PFB!

  3. I'm also participating in PFB and looking forward to reading everyone's great entries! Good luck!

  4. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement! If anything, this challenge helped me define why I love working on this blog and how I want to make it better.

    It has also been really great to read everyone's entries -- so many amazing talented cooks, writers and photographers out there!

  5. Really enjoyed your post and am also a soup lover. Good luck in the contest!!

  6. Good luck! Not that you'll need it.

    -Your biggest fan <3

  7. Hi Lily -- thank you for dropping by and the luck! What is your favorite soup?

    Hi Nate -- thank you so much and I voted for you, too!

    Hey J - love you.

    Thank you Classic Kitchen!

  8. It puts a smile on my face to know that there are people like you who dive into something just for the love of it. Keep it up, you got my vote!

  9. Soup and the love of it are more than good enough reasons to blog and more than good enough reasons to cast a vote :)