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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hooray, It's Friday and Vegetable Soup Recipe Links

Gorgeous Late Summer Vegetable Soup with Basil Pesto by Food Blogga
Not only is it good old T.G.I.F but it's time to roundup the best soup links from the great big blog-o-sphere. I was excited to discover so many veggie-based soups, which is a delicious way to get three or four or even 10 vegetables in one serving that doesn't feel as if you eating your vegetables -- if you know what I mean. A roasted pepper, minestrone and a summer soup packed with vegetables are some recipes definitely worth checking out this weekend.

Late Summer Vegetable Soup with Fresh Basil - Created by Susan of Food Blogga, this summer soup is a power packed medley of veggies (see pic). From corn to zucchini to carrots and bell peppers, this colorful soup makes it really easy to get a hearty dose of essential vitamins and minerals that is also pretty easy to make. On top of all of that veggie goodness, the soup is enhanced with a tasty, yet simple basil pesto that, I'm sure, would be amazing all on its own.

Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup and Summer Tomato Soup by Dishin' in the Kitchen
Photo Credit: Carl Kravats
Roasted Yellow Pepper and Summer Tomato Soup with Serrano Cream - Me and Dishin' in the Kitchen had similar soup ideas this week as we both created a pepper and tomato soup. This two-toned soup recipe, adopted by Cindy Epstein from Parade magazine, included yellow bell peppers peppers, plum tomatoes, sherry, butter, heavy cream and white among many other tasty choices. She stated that they could be served hot or cold, however, she goes on to say that "the preparation is lengthy." I really enjoyed this post and especially the step-by-step instructions of the entire soup process from the roasting to how to make the serrano cream.  

Summer Minestrone Soup by Behind the Skillet
Summer Minestrone Soup - As the temps are inevitably dropping, it's time to start thinking about hearty soups like this one on Behind the Skillet. This minestrone recipe -- adapted from Alice Waters -- is packed with summer vegetables like carrots, spinach, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, leeks as well as a hearty dose of beans and pasta for the perfect meal-like soup.The post also includes lovely pictures of the whole soup making experience that secretly has me longing for days when soup like this can be enjoyed every day.

What are your favorite vegetable soups?
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  1. Thanks for including my pesto veggie soup in your round-up, Serena. They all look amazing!

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