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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Soupy Solutions—My List of New Years Resolutions for Soup, the Blog, and Beyond...

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Well, here we go again-out with the old and in with the new. As we wave goodbye to 2009, most of us set up a list of obligatory resolutions or promises of what we are (maybe?) going to accomplish in 2010. At Seriously Soupy, I too, have made my list of resolutions for the upcoming year and prospective changes for the site and the nature of what I want to do with soup. I am excited for this new year, and even more excited that you will be following me on my journey to complete these soupy tasks, which will continue to expand the site and make it the go-to resource for soup lovers everywhere.

Soupy Solutions for 2010

1. Keep on Brothin'. It was rather exciting for me to actually make my own broth in 2009. Although this was with the assistance of a recipe it gave me the "wings of sorts" to actually make a broth. Now I do not think of this technique as scary or mysterious, but one that I would like make as an integral part of my soup creating process. I would also like to vary up my broth recipes, using different ingredients to create various types of veggie broths (light, medium, and dark colored ones), fish broths, chicken broths etc. A longer process, which won't happen for every soup, but I at least want to try.

2. Keep it Classy with a Serious Twist. For those readers who don't know, this blog is about my attempt to try out new soups, including classic recipes that I have never made, as well as original soup creations. For this year I would like to kick this concept up a bit and add more creative twists to classic soups. For example: let's say create I create a lentil soup. I want to make it really my own by adding spiced curry or dill, or even topping it with an egg if I so choose! Whatever it may be I would like to try out new ingredients and test out various flavor combinations that may (or may not) work together. I am hoping that this will create more unique and original soupy recipes, as well as my own variation of classic soups.

3. Techniquely Speaking. Create a new technique or two, or even three. I'm sure that most soup techniques have been tried or attempted at some point, BUT I think there has to be something out there that hasn't been done, at least techniques that mix with soups. Whether its baking soups or roasting veggies to make soups, I want learn more about various techniques cooking, (such as I did with the chocolate soup and caramelizing) in order to change the structure of soups and consistency (at least for one or two soups down the line).

4. The International. So far a lot of my soups have been very similar (veggie or bean-based), which I love, but I think these are my comfort soups and let allowing me to branch out. For 2010 I want to get out of this veggie/bean box and learn more about various methods of soup preparation from around the world. This will also involve me learning about new ingredients, new spices, new techniques, etc as I create a new style of soup that I really know nothing about. Perhaps, an "Around the Soup in 50 days" article?....check it out very soon!

5. Listen to the People. I want to hear more from you and really learn what type of soups you want me to cover on the site. Although it is about my experiences in creating these soups, the site is also about our shared love of soups that is really going to make the site entertaining for everyone. For this year I hope to set up a community forum and newsletter, but until then drop me an e-mail at seriouslysoupy@gmail.com and tell me your favorite recipe, what you would like to see, why do you love soup so much, or even just to say hi!

Very excited for the year ahead and if 2009 is any indication of what I started on Seriously Soupy, this is only the tip of the soup bowl for what is to come.

Happy New Year!
Seriously Soupy Serena

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