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Friday, December 11, 2009

Soup in the News

There is so much going on across the Interweb's and in the news about soups and soupy-related products. Every Friday I will give a listing of my top picks of blogs, news articles, books, etc that I think are pretty relevant to my soupy mission. Check out this week's soupy picks:
  • Guide to Herbal Remedies written by Carla (no last name indicated) is an informative little article that goes into great detail about the nutritional benefits of homemade soup. The article includes a discussion of the various minerals and vitamins found in soups as well as how soup is beneficial for digestion. She also illustrates how soup is an economic and convenient choice and one that can be created utilizing any ingredients found in the kitchen. Um, sounds  familiar. Check out: http://guide2herbalremedies.com/eating-healthy-homemade-soups/ for more details.
  • Yummy Homemade Soups for Families and Holiday Parties written by Jennifer White, a baby blogger as well, this article gives some basic holiday disaster scenarios and suggests a very simple solution — making soup for the holiday's! Jennifer lists her favorites — Corn Chowder, Italian Meatball, and Tuscan White Bean soup, whose accompanying recipes are quick and super easy to follow. Check out: http://baby.about.com/b/2009/12/09/yummy-homemade-soups-for-families-and-holiday-parties.htm for the full article.
  • Whole Grain Artisan Bread Not specifically about soup per say, but really what is soup without bread? A sad sight indeed. I haven't tackled other soup related recipes such as bread, but this Bad Girl's Guide is a good start with gorgeous pictures and step-by-step instructions, which makes the thought of making bread less daunting. The Bad Girls Kitchen site also features soup recipes, drinks, desserts, and pretty much everything every bad girl and guy should try out in their kitchen. Check out the whole grain recipe: http://bad-girls-kitchen.blogspot.com/2009/12/whole-grain-artisan-bread.html for the recipe.


  1. Hi Serena, thanks for the links! Although the Whole Grain Artisan Bread is good and hearty, my family really prefers the regular Artisan Bread, which is crusty and fabulous and would also be an easier recipe to start out making bread. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to guide you through your Artisan bread-making. I agree, soup and bread go hand-in-hand!

  2. Let's go one step further - bread bowl baby!

  3. Hi Min,

    Thanks for the Artisan Bread recipe. It looks really good and a bread bowl sounds fun! This site is really going to get crazy pretty soon.

    Seriously Soupy Serena

  4. A bread bowl is a great idea! It would be so easy to make little Artisan loaves into bread bowls! YUM.