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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Soup in the News—A weekly rundown of soup online

Due to the holidays, I had to switch things up a bit with the scheduling of the posts. Instead of a full-length article I am posting my link run down today, so that I can post the Part 2 (Christmas) and Part 3 (Kwanzaa) of the Holiday Soup Redux series on Friday and Saturday. So, after that long explanation, here it goes with some interesting holiday-soup blog posts/articles. Oh, and Happy Holidays fellow soup lovers!  

  • Do-Ahead Dishes for Holiday Crowds, featured in the New York Times and written by Martha Rose Shulman the article discusses the somewhat inevitable lure of overeating during the holiday season, as well how soups are a healthy and filing alternative to combat overindulgence. The article also discusses how soups (although may involve some initial preparation) can be made ahead of time (and really any time of day) and can be frozen until they are needed. Additionally, she discusses how their measurements can be adjusted based serving needs and can be doubled up to feed large and small parties. In particular, the article gave a recipe for a bean and farro soup with cabbage and winter squash that is packed seasonal vegetables, beans and spices that I am sure will keep your hands closer to your spoon than the lure of those gooey holiday treats...or at least that is what Shulman would prefer. Read more about it on: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/21/health/nutrition/21recipehealth.html.  

  • 12 Recipes of Christmas: Mock Turtle Soup, an interesting take on the 12 days of Christmas song, Patricia and John from www.cooklocal.com created a mock turtle soup where they used beef, chicken, and pork to resemble the taste of turtle. Personally, I'm not sure what turtle tastes like, nor do I want really find out, but I really loved their take on a traditional song and twisted it with a unique blend of flavors (and meats) into an inventive and rather original soup recipe. Check out their recipe at http://www.cooklocal.com/?p=2283. 

    • Last Minute Food Christmas Gifts: Curried Soup Mix, written by Allison Lewis of  ingredientsinc.net, the article gave instructions on how to make lentil curried soup mix as a holiday gift. As a bonafied last minute holiday shopper I really enjoyed reading about Lewis' DIY suggestion about to create a soup mix by essentially using ingredients that are found in every kitchen, or those that are not difficult to find or even that expensive. She included a pretty simple breakdown of what to include in a lentil soup mix such as apples, red and green lentils, and curry that could be sealed in a glass jar so that the ingredients are on display as part of the presentation. Check out this great gift idea at http://www.ingredientsinc.net/2009/12/last-minute-food-christmas-gifts-curried-soup-mix/.

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