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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soup Tester: Soba Vegetable Soup

There is nothing like a cold and rainy day that makes me want soup. I wish I was home to nestle under the covers with a big bowl, but since that wasn't the case today a big bowl at work would have to do.

I was going to go to Hale and Hearty Soup Co., but after a few days of having there 10 vegetable soup I wanted to get adventurous and try something new. However, my version of adventurous isn't very daring at all; it is perhaps a little boring as I chose a soba vegetable soup at a sushi place near by office. For $ 6 dollars a bowl I immediately questioned by decison, but realized that there was no turning back.

The ingredients:
6-8 Oz's of soup
Broth: onion-based with soba noodles (buckwheat-based)
Vegetables: green beans, mushrooms, scallions, and carrots

The verdict:
It did the trick-got me warm and tasted good. Reminded me of a French Onion Soup due to the broth and I wanted more of those flavors as opposed to tons of noodles. I also wanted more vegetables, being that I ordered a vegetable soup, but it was more of a noodle soup. This isn't bad, just not exactly my preference. I would have this soup again, but at 6 bucks a pop I think I'll be concocting something like this on my own.

Stay Warm!
Seriously Soupy Serena

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