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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Get Soupy

A blog about soup? Ok, sure why not? There is a blog about everything and anything the sun these days; why not one about the broth-rich wonder that I call soup. I recently realized that I have quite the love of soups. And how could you not? Soup is hearty and delicious and provides a substantial source of goodness—nutirents in a bowl! AND, there are so many varieties to choose from. It’s not just that you pick one soup and that’s it. There are million of types of soups you can choose and It can last for days. A perfect food. Ok, I could go on and on…but then it got be thinking about writing and my attempts at it. I tried a parenting blog, one about writing a book, and probably another one that I can’t remember, but bottom line is I was into them for a minute and then quickly got bored. I need to have some of challenging one that was out of the norm for what I would normally gravitate towards but something I was actually very interested in —which is how Seriouslysoupy.wordpress.com was created!

Through Seriously Soupy I will be creating new soups and writing about them. Pretty simple, but to me it sounds fun and exciting! I have 5 main soups that I basically always make every winter, so I hope this blog will challenge me to create new varieties, as well as learn about soups I would never think to create. This may include me testing out ideas I have or trying out recipes. The one thing this blog isn’t going to be is a culinary wonder. I am NOT a chef nor do I pretend to be one. As I have stated above, I simply love soups and want to write about them, plain and simple. I probably won’t be trying exotic ingredients (but maybe I will) or utilizing any fancy techniques. I don’t do measurements; I just don’t. Maybe I’m stubborn or really I think I know what should be in my soup, but the measurements are going to be loosely based, unless I follow a recipe. Sometimes I’ll buy organic and try to use the freshest ingredients, other times I won’t or I can’t because life is life. So, I’ll make due; whether that means substituting fresh for frozen or using canned items. The bottom line is I am still going to make the soup.

On Seriously Soupy I am going to create one new soup a week (whether an original idea or based on a recipe). Also, the soups on SS are most likely going to be healthy and one’s interpretation of healthy is of course subjective, but I want to base my soups on how I eat. That does not mean that my soups are going to restrict calories or taste bad or be boring . They are going to be wholesome and hearty, so they can be enjoyed as meals or as a tasty appetizer. Who knows, I may try some different variation of a soup than I normally would not be inclined to eat, but for right now I just don’t think all cream or various types of meat soups is something I am not interested…but time may indicate otherwise.

Anyway, back to the rules…I’ll create a soup for SS the night before and post information about how it was prepared or cooked, along with some pictures (if I remember). Through the blog I would also like to learn about other soup specialities in other parts of the country and the world. Meaning maybe to try variations of other soups; or service as a review of soups I try.Not sure how that will flesh out, but I hope you join for the ride as we get Seriously Soupy.

Seriously Soupy Serena

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