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Friday, October 1, 2010

Soup Recipes from South America: Part 1

Locro de habas or fava bean soup by Laylita

I really enjoyed learning about soups from the UK in last month's soups around the world series. Now, we are traveling to South America to learn about soup recipes in a two-part series. I started with Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru since I spent some time in Argentina and Chile and vividly remember the food. There were empanandas and pizza and fish and pasta and avocados and wine and ice cream (there was lots of ice cream!). There was a lot eating going on but sadly not any soup testing. It's too bad cause it looks like I missed out on trying some spicy and vegetable-rich soups like Locro, Sopa de Sorrel, and Estefo. I am definitely inspired after learning about these recipes and I hope that you share my interest and try some of these new recipes yourself.

Note: As I mentioned in the UK post, this list is by no means complete, so please feel free to add your favorite South American soup in the comments section. And if you have a South American soup recipe that you would like to include in part-two, please email me at seriouslysoupy@gmail.com.

Sopa de Sorrel by Argentina with Love
Soups from Argentina:
Sopa de Sorrel - The name of this soup sounds inviting, even though its main ingredient is a bitter herb. A popular soup throughout Argentina, this sopa can be made with spinach, ham and bacon as well as various vegetables. Popular expat/blogger From Argentina with Love created this authentic recipe that includes fennel, potatoes, heavy cream and mustard. Sounds like a great chunky soup to test out this winter. 

Argentine Mussel Soup- While people rave about Argentina for its meat, the fish isn't too bad either. This mussel soup recipe by recipes4us.uk includes saffron, fish stock, rice, along with lemon juice for a quick meal-like soup.

Soups from Chile:
Chilean Soup with Dumplings - A comforting soup made by Cuisine with Chilean is a two-part recipe in how to make dumplings and a beef soup. The doughy dumplings are made with water, flour, and olive oil and the soup includes chicken stock, beef, potatoes, eggs, and peas that CC describes is perfect for a winter day.

Estefao Chilean Soup - A blend of caspicum (plant), corn, green beans, pumpkin and potatoes make up this Chilean stew by blogger Vida. Topped with sambal olek (marinated crushed chillies), this authentic recipe sounds like quite the hearty and delicious meal.

Brazilian Shrimp Soup by Annie's Eats
Soups from Brazil:
Brazilian Shrimp Soup - A gorgeous soup by Annie Eats, this tomato-based Brazilian soup is a healthy and rich shrimp soup that also includes long-grain rice and coconut milk. I love the color an textures of this soup that is enhanced with the cilantro, red peppers, and chunks of shrimp.

Brazilian Black Bean Soup - Black bean soup is a classic recipe - but this one by Pepper Fool is anything but with the addition of rum, green onions, and hot red chiles. A nice spicy soup that can modified to your tastes that also includes black beans, ham and cheese. Classic with a Brazilian twist, I like that. 

Locro - by whats4eats.com

Soups from Peru:
Locro (Peruvian Potato and Cheese Soup) - A thick soup, Locro is filled with potatoes, cheese, milk and garlic. Whats4eats.com also suggests to use cheese and avocados to top off the soup. Locro is also popular in Argentina and Ecuador that is usually a vegetable and meat based. It can also included beans like this Locro de Hebas or fava bean soup by Laylita.

Peruvian Chicken Soup by Saveur (Photo Credit: Penny De Los Santos)
Peruvian Chicken Soup - Featured on Saveur.com, this Peruvian Chicken soup recipe is a traditional morning meal that is served with hard boiled eggs (specifically in Lima) and egg noodles. The hearty am soup also contains chicken or hen, carrots, ginger, limes, and chile to kick off the day.

What South American soups have you made?
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  1. I've been to South America and love the flavors in their soups. Thanks for sharing1

  2. Thank you for the mention! These other soups look delish, I look forward to trying them out now that we are heading into cooler weather. That Sorrel Soup is taken from a Ukranian recipe for schi--there is a large Ukranian community in my husband's home town.

  3. Thank you, Suchitra!

    The flavors are amazing - aren't they nancy! What countries have you visited?

    Hi Rebecca,

    I loved your soup and thank you for the historical background. I didn't realize it was also a Ukranian soup.