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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Soup Ideas

Eyeball Soup with Bugs by Recipe Girl
Looking for an extra ghoulish soup this Halloween? Well, look no further. I scoured the web for the scariest sounding soups that also happen to be edible. From a dead sea soup to a eyeball and bug soup and even a graveyard soup, I'm sure you'll find inspiration to make your own horrifying soupy treat this Halloween.

Have a Happy, Safe, and Soup-tastic Halloween!

Eyeball Soup with Bugs - The perfect soup for Halloween, Recipe Girl adapted this eyeball soup with bugs from Martha Stewart Living that includes using kalamata olives, chives and fresh rosemary for the bugs and mozzarella balls and pimiento-stuffed olives for the eyeballs. As a soup itself, I love the combination of tomatoes, oregano, cream, garlic, white wine, and onions that can stand on its own as a delicious tomato soup - with or without the bugs. 

Teeny Tiny Graveyard Soup - This recipe by Soup Song involves some prep work and creativity to make a visual graveyard come to life via your soup bowl. The recipe starts by making a broth made of chicken legs, chicken feet, celery, carrots, and various spices, but no garlic (Soup Song says "you won't want to keep the vampires away.") The soup also calls for the creation of various body parts like hearts and blood, guts, fingers, and teeth that cleverly uses plum tomatoes, tagliatelle pasta, white asparagus, and white corn, respectively. After you make this horrifying soup, be sure to read Teeny Tiny and the Soup Bone (right below the recipe)- this one is a real hair raiser! 

Dead Sea Soup - Halloween is Here is all about frightful Halloween treats ranging from creepy coleslaw to brain cell salad to this dead sea soup. This recipe uses celery hearts, artichokes, chicken soup, and blue and green food coloring for the dead sea look. Try a bowl without the food coloring for a healthy Halloween treat.

Moldy Cheese Soup - This recipe on Perfect Entertaining is described as a "sophisticated broccoli and cheese soup" that uses food coloring to enhance the soup's moldiness. As a broccoli soup, this recipe sounds quite indulgent that uses three types of cheese (parmesan, gorgonzola, and fontina), heavy cream, butter, and white wine! A hearty seasonal treat, indeed. 

Even More Creative Halloween Soups:
Cauldron of Chili with Breadstick Bones - Recipe from Cooks Recipes
All Hallow's Eve Soup - Recipe from CD Kitchen
Parts from the Morgue Soup - Recipe from Divine Dinner Party
Tomato Soup with Goop - Recipe from Family Fun

What is your favorite Halloween soup?

Seriously Soupy Serena


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  3. Hi Lori,

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    They are pretty spooky soups.