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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soup Tour of Lower Manhattan

When I started Seriously Soupy in October 2009, I would have never imagined all the amazing opportunities that a little soup blog would bring me. Working on the website has not only opened up my palate to new ingredients and recipes but I have had the opportunity to teach about soups, host soup events, start the Brooklyn Soup Swap, and now host a soup tour! Through the unique tour company Explorecation.com, I will be taking fellow soup lovers on a delicious Soup Tour of Lower Manhattan covering ethic cuisine in Chinatown, Little Italy and then the East Village. Part historical lesson about these and tasting tour, the walking food journey will take us to the Marco Polo Noodle Shop at 94 Baxter Street for some dumplings or hand-pulled noodles then off to Da Nico Menu at 164 Mulberry St Little Italy for some classic Minestrone or Pasta Fagioli and finally ending our tour at Katz's Deli for some Matzo Ball Soup or Split Pea Soup. Hope you can join me!

Soup Tour Details:
When: March 5th from 1:00-3:30pm

Price: FREE!

What Is Not Included?
The cost of the food and your transportation to and from the tour. 

Sign up on Explorecation.com


  1. all soups at B&H dairy past the gem spa on 2nd ave
    been there forever
    it was all great stuff then

  2. What soups did you have over there?

  3. Great way of opening up your horizons to some great soup.