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Monday, January 31, 2011

Soups from National Soup Month

Image Credit: Keshia Pace (http://www.coroflot.com/)

Not only is it the last day of January but today marks the last day of National Soup Month - a fun way to celebrate this beloved and comforting dish. Hopefully you had a chance to try a new recipe or at least enjoy a bowl or two this month. I loved celebrating by teaching a class at the Brooklyn Cookery,  holding a Soup Cook-Off and contributing soup recipes to Food 2 and Mom in the City. I also enjoyed making the Creamless Asparagus and Leek Soup and Italian Wedding Soup for the first time as well as sharing Deja Vu Cook's top picks for the month. Even though this exciting month has come to an end, you can always find soup recipes on this site and hopefully some of these recipes will inspire you to continue the celebration all year.

Interesting Recipes from National Soup Month:

Texas Penicillin - Soup is said to cure all and heal the soul and Ginnie Bivona, a chef from Texas, also said that about her Texas Penicillin - except for a cure of a broken heart. A variation of chicken noodle soup, this recipe includes a Southwestern twist with chili powder, green onions, corn, red pepper and cilantro. The soup is an also an award-winning recipe and won the Best of Show and First Prize at an Ohio State University Chili Cook-off!

Garlicky Tortellini Soup -  As a staple in most soups, garlic has a way of making any soup better. This soup, created by Mignardise, uses the delicious flavoring in question, as well as spinach, tomatoes and tortellini - creating a soup simple that also uses ingredients you may have lying around the house.

White Lentil Soup with (or without) Spicy Sausage - I'm a big fan of lentil soups, so I was really excited to see this variation on the classic using white lentils ("black lentils with the outer skins split and removed.") Not something you will find in your standard grocery store, Soup Chick says that you can find white lentils in a gourmet or Indian market or if you can't locate them red lentils also work. This interesting recipe also uses Turkish urfa biber pepper, kale, some hickory-smoked barbecue sauce and the option to add turkey sausage. If I could locate white lentils, I know what recipe I am going to try.

Pear/Coconut Soup - Another amazing thing about soup is that it is packed with tons nutritional properties to help the digestive system, skin or the lungs and kidneys such as with this light and summery soup. Created by Five Flavors Kitchen, this pear and coconut soup uses simple ingredients such as pears, coconut water, cinnamon, lemons, salt, and honey that is sure to inspire thoughts of chilled and lighter soups for the warmer months ahead.

Brazilian Shrimp Soup - Featured on FoodandWine.com, this delicious soup uses coconut milk, tomatoes, shrimp, and rice that the writer says "will keep you coming back for more." With its unique combination of flavors and easy preparation, I think I know what soup I am going to try next week.

What soups did you try this month?

Seriously Soupy Serena


  1. This is going to keep me very busy.

    My new item for January was a tomato-cabbage soup recipe I got from the NY Times. Definitely one to return to.

  2. Oh, that one sounds delicious! Haven't made anything like that - do you have the recipe link?

    Thank you for sharing.