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Monday, May 17, 2010

Community Supported Agriculture

Holton Farms in Westminster, Vermont
Hibernation season is over! The spring/summer months are here and that means we can finally enjoy longer days, soak in a good dose of vitamin D and chow down on fresh and locally produced food directly from a farm such as through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. These program allow participants to purchase a share of farm so that a farmer can have a source of income for seeds, labor and the ability to maintain their gardens during the off-peak season. During the spring/summer months -- when the crops are ready-- seasonal vegetables are available every week and delivered to various drop-off locations. Here in NYC, we have access to numerous CSA's such the family-owned Holton Farms located in Westminster, Vermont. This eighth generation of farmers produces over 100 items, including "a diverse selection of agricultural products including vegetables, herbs and fruits, grass-fed beef cows, pigs, cage-free eggs, maple syrup and more," according to Jenny Lee of Holton Farms.

The CSA program at Holton runs from May 17 until November 21, bringing seasonal produce to  various drop-off locations (check out the Holton Farms map for locations near you!). Plans are aviable through three membership options (ranging from $250-$1,000) and participants can use Holton's online ordering system to check out the availability of crops.

To learn more about Holton's CSA Select program, check out for the ABC's of the CSA: http://www.holtonfarms.com/how-to-buy/csa-select/how-it-works/ and this one for pricing info: http://www.holtonfarms.com/how-to-buy/csa-select/

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