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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ideas for Spring Soups

 Spring Flowers from Bowling Green Park, NYC by Seriously Soupy
  • Asparagus Soup- More buzz about spring as Guilty Kitchen provides us with a detailed tutorial all about local food and how we can all eat more consciously. From how to start a garden to tips to reading labels, and even how to decipher what is in season, this blog post goes above and beyond; making the fresh and local idea pretty simple to comprehend. And of course there is the actual asparagus soup recipe that incorporates leeks, potatoes, yogurt, and fresh thyme and rosemary to really kick-off the spring soupy season!
  • Hearty Spring Soup- Crafted by Jenn Cuisine, the recipe features a gluten-free way to prepare a hearty spring soup. Nothing too fancy involved — some Swiss Chard, carrots, leeks and potatoes (am I detecting a theme here?) and a pasta of your choice, but easy enough to whip up for a light meal or snack this spring.  I also like how Jenn mentioned that the soup is "flexible" and "great for those 'clean out your cupboards' nights." What a great soupy motto that I also just happen to mention here and here. ;)
  • Spring Soups-Posted on the Urbana High School's newspaper: The Echo this spring soup article written by Liz Smith gave a listing of the perfect soups for the spring complied from various publications and student entries. From cucumber and dill soup with scallions, a pesto pea soup (must try!), a Fava Bean and Spring Vegetable Soup, and a Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Shrimp and Romano Cheese, there wasn't one that didn't sound amazing to me. Delicious choices for the spring!
What soups have you tried this spring?
Seriously Soupy Serena 

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