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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soup Recipe Exchange

As I am learning about the zillions of food websites and blogs out there, I am amazed at the talent and sheer creativity of the writers, chefs, and foodies out there. This includes soup recipes as well, with so many creative takes and new methods that twist the classics, and original creations that make me think about soup in quite a different way. As I am learning more about soup myself it is always good to see (and learn) from other blogs, here are some of the best soup recipes that have inspired me this week:
  • Orange Lentil Soup - What I loved about Phoo-D's lentil soup is how she combined carrots, butternut squash, and orange lentils to create a color-coded and healthy twist on the lentil soup. Inspired by The Daily Spud, this creative soup looks quite delicious and also sounds like a great way for kids to get more veggies, while seemingly eating an innocent lentil soup.
  • Roasted Vegetable Soup with Polenta Croutons - Tartelette recently created this sensational soup that combines various vegetables (cauliflower, turnips, and potatoes), along with garlic, onions, and olive oil. The veggies are then roasted in the oven and blended together into a thick and creamy soup. I love how the soup is topped with polenta croutons for a subtle, yet effective finish. 
  • Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Soup - Created by Stylish Cuisine, this vegetarian soup is a super healthy meal that combines various seasonings (cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika, etc) with chickpeas, spinach, and tomatoes. Sounds amazing to me, and only takes 1 hour or so to prep! 
    What are some soup recipes that have amazed you this week?

    Seriously Soupy Serena


    1. I love to make soup!! Thanks for sharing these great finds-- the roasted veggie soup sounds delicious.

    2. Hi Serena- Thank you for the shout out! I think I've found another soup-aholic ;). Love it!

    3. @ April!

      I am very excited to try the roasted veggie one, and test out the polenta croutons! What an interesting idea.

      @ Phoo-D

      Hi Phoo-D. I randomly found your blog, and I simply love your collection of recipes and pictures! Of course I can't wait to try this lentil one. I never thought of combining these ingredients...very unique and I'm sure delicious!

      Seriously Soupy Serena

    4. Tortilla Soup! I made it after a trip to Mexico last month where I discovered we don't have much truly excellent Mexican food here!
      Plus, I just love soups-I make one most Sunday nights to take for lunches at work all week.