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Monday, April 18, 2011

Passover Soup Ideas

Passover, a Jewish holy day, begins today and there are many interesting soup recipes out there to celebrate this eight-day holiday. I discovered a modern take on the matzo ball soup on Food 2, a cold beet soup, and even a gluten-free version using almond and flax seed meal. I also created a matzo ball soup using three different types of matzo balls - a traditional matzo ball, a beet/dill matzo ball, and a parsnip and sweet potato matzo ball. I hope you enjoy some of these recipes and try one for yourself this Passover.


Passover Soup Ideas


Passover Soup with Chicken Dumplings - Featured on AllRecipes.com, this soup is made using matzo meal, eggs, and ground chicken to fuse the idea of matzo balls and chicken meatballs into one. Created by Umyum, this simple soup also uses cinnamon, rice, and chicken broth. 


Mezzaluna Matzo Sweet Potato Soup - This two-part recipe by Food 2 involves the creation of the mezzaluna matzo with matzo meal, garlic, ginger, chicken fat and various herbs (rosemary and parsley) and the soup part, which is composed of apples, onions, sweet potatoes, sugar, and cumin. I love the interesting combination of flavors and the new way to enjoy both a matzo ball and a sweet potato soup.  

Cold Beet Soup - Image Credit: Baby Boomer Advisor Club
Cold Beet Soup - This cold beet soup or borscht is essentially just beets, lemon juice, onion, and some ice. Not only great for Passover, this soup, created by Baby Boomer Advisor Club, is an exciting recipe to try as the weather gets nicer out.

Matzo Ball Soup with a Traditional Matzo Ball and a Beet/Dill Matzo
Matzo Ball Soup - One of my favorite soup recipes, I wanted to vary the recipe a bit by creating flavored matzo balls. I started by making a rich chicken broth with chicken, carrots, parsnips, onions, dill and parsley where I then created a traditional matzo ball, a matzo ball with beets and dill, and one with sweet potatoes and parsnip. I loved how easy it was to vary and my new favorite, the beet matzo, made for a rich and savory addition to the soup. 

Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup - Those of you who have allergies to gluten will love this gluten-free matzoh ball soup that according to What's Cooking (creator of the recipe) "comes closer to capturing the texture than any recipe I have tried." Instead of matzo meal, this recipe uses blanched almond meal, potato starch, flax seed meal, and eggs to create the matzo balls and a combination of chicken fat, dill, white pepper and salt for the broth.

What soups are making for passover?

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