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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday Soup Links

 Green Soup created by April Paffrath of Wicked Tasty Harvest

  • Cold Carrot Soup with Dill Cream - A fellow Brooklynite - Emily Beebe of the Wooden Spoon - created this tasty looking carrot an dill cream soup. Using petite carrots, dill and yogurt  (and really how could you do any harm with that combo?), Emily create a rather exciting chilled soup. I also can't wait to test out her dill to slab on salads or top onto another soupy creation.
  • Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup - Cinnamon Spice created this Thai coconut shrimp soup that she describes as "fast, healthy and completely delicious!" Sounds good to me, especially with its hints of spice and citrus flavors, rice noodles and shrimp. I am also very excited to test out her coconut broth and I'm sure you will too!
  • Green Soup - We could all use a little more greens in our life and this concoction created by April Paffrath of Wicked Tasty Harvest makes this conundrum that much easier. Using arugula, the leaves of Swiss chard and beet greens (along with some milk), April created an interesting soup that even her four-year-old went ga ga for. If this soup can get a toddler to have greens (and ask for more), I'm more than game to test this out.

What new soups have you tried this week?
Seriously Soupy Serena


  1. I love soup. I can eat them for breakfast (true). I'm more of a savoury eater in the morning.
    All the soups here look soooo good. As a soup lover I will try all of them. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The link for the Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup is bad.

  3. Yum - soup for breakfast! I'm excited to try these soups as well. Let me know if you have any recipes to share!

    Hi Cathy, The link seems good on my end... Let me know if it's still not working.